What exactly is The Society Industry Book?  The Society Industry Book is a yearly published coffee table book highlighting both the leaders within the beauty industry as well as giving beauty pros the opportunity to publish their work!  The SIB will not only showcase those that have made strides in the industry but will also give newer and stylist the platform to showcase their work, learn more about working on set, and the opportunity to tell their story.
So, My headshot, bio, and my work will be featured? YES!  Package 2 & 3 gives beauty pros the opportunity to showcase themselves and their work.  Our team is in the process of scheduling appointment for exclusive beauty shoots with our photographer, Drexina Nelson www.drexina.com, to assist you in bringing your vision to life!
When will the book Premiere?  The BIG REVEAL will be end of Jan/ Feb 2017.  The launch of the 2017 book will be at the 2017 EOS Awards (Excellence of Style Gala).  Not only will we launch this coveted book, this night will be an industry networking extravaganza where we will also highlight those that are in the book.
Can anyone in the industry be a part of the Society Book?  Yes, we have many packages under www.thesocietybook.com/signup, where stylist will have an opportunity to join in on this awesome project!
Do the packages also include membership to The Society?  YES!  The purchase of any of the packages also includes membership!  Members have exclusive opportunities for networking, brand building, workshops, and so much more!
Who will the book be distributed to?  The book will be distributed to The Society's high profile clients (celebrities and business execs), art directors, commercial clients, music execs, film industry vets, and so much more!  Get your work in front of the people that can get you WORK!
I see that there are payment plans available, How does that work?  There are two payment options. 
(1) Full Payment prior to shoot date.
(2) Deposit of half of payment amount and the additional payment one week prior to the shoot date.
I am out of town, but interested in being a part of this amazing project. How can I sign up?  The book is open to all beauty professionals.  Our team can assist our out of town guests with finding the hotels as well as travel to the studio.
I am interested in being a featured leader for the Society Book.  How can I become one of the featured beauty pros?  Our 2017 book features Beauty Leaders from the Southeastern Region of the world, however for 2018 this will be open nationally.  Our committee will be scouring the world looking for the top beauty leaders.  We are looking for game changers!  If you feel that you would be a great candidate, please send us a email to info@thesocietystudio.com with the subject line, I am a leader of the industry, and tell us why you should be featured for next years industry book!